Arbitration, Vol. 75, Number 4 (November 2009)

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• Ugo Draetta, The Role of In-House Counsel in International Arbitration
• Andrew Tweeddale and Karen Tweeddale, Commencement of Arbitration and Time-Bar Clauses
• Nicola Nygh and Sam Luttrell, The Domestication of the Model Law in Australia
• Raghav Sharma, Party Autonomy v Public Policy: Appellate Arbitration in India
• Philip Harris, Should Adjudication Have Its Own Bespoke System of Enforcement?
• Michael Reynolds, Reflections on Quo Vadis Arbitrium
• Cristina Lenz, Mediation Laws in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
• Sam Luttrell and G.A. Moens, The Arbitration Rules of the Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration: Distinctive Features
• Shahid Janzil, Pakistani Arbitration: Towards the Model Law
• Kenneth T. Salmon, The Enforcement of Adjudicators' Awards under the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996: Part 33
• Hew R. Dundas, Arbitration and Insolvency: Which Prevails? Syska v Vivendi
• Hew R. Dundas, The Pro-Enforcement Assumption of the New York Convention: But... Enforcement of Foreign Award Refused by English Court of Appeal: Dallah v Pakistan
• Per Runeland and Gordon Blanke, Recent Enforcement Cases under the New York Convention in Europe and the CIS
• David Altaras, Selection Criteria: Jivraj v Hashwani
• Andrew Manning Cox and Helene Adlard, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum": Where to Turn for a Remedy before Arbitration Proceedings have Commenced, Edo Corp v Ultra Electronics Ltd
• David Cornes, Mediator Fails to Have Witness Summons Set Aside: Farm Assist Ltd v Secretary of State for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs (No.2)
• David Cornes, Costs of Cancelled "Pre-Action Protocol Mediation" can be Recoverable in Proceedings: Roundstone Nurseries Ltd v Stephenson Holdings Ltd
• Aérienne Masood Ahmed, Arbitration Clauses and the Jurisdiction Regulation: Youell v La Réunion
• Erich Suter, Discrimination, Reputation, Mediation and Taxation: A v Revenue and Customs Commissioners
• Jotham Scerri-Diacono and Rachel Mamo, The Constitutionality of Mandatory Arbitration in Malta
• Scott Hutton, Brian Egglestone (ed.), Liquidated Damages and Extensions of Time in Construction Contracts
• Hew R. Dundas, Julie MacFarlane, The New Lawyer: How Settlement is Transforming the Practice of Law
• Gordon Blanke, Bruce Harris, Rowan Planterose and John Tecks, The English Arbitration Act 1996: A Commentary

Arbitration, Vol. 75, Number 3 (August 2009)

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• Aisha Nader, Islamic finance: potential implications for dispute resolution
• Ayla Karmali, The influence of Sharia norms of dispute settlement and international law: the International Court of Justice, room for accommodation?
• David Altaras, The anti-suit injunction: historical overview
• Stuart Dutson & Mark Howarth, After West Tankers – rise of the ‘foreign torpedo’?
• Mark Beeley & Sarah Stockley, Spare the rod and spoil the party: how procedurally robust should a tribunal be?
• Kenneth Beale & Paolo Esposito, Emergent international attitudes towards bribery, corruption and money laundering
• Stephen Bickford Smith, Rent review arbitrators: legal challenges to awards and how to avoid them
• Fei Lan Fang, Enforcement of foreign awards in China: judicial attitudes
• Ann Brady, Mediation developments in civil and commercial matters within the European Union
• Grant Hannessian & Christopher Chinn, The US model for international class action arbitration
• Marwan Sakr, Incorporation by reference of the arbitration clause: recent Lebanese practice in a comparative context{/showhide}

Arbitration, Vol. 75, Number 1 (February 2009)

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• Vijay Bhatia, Christopher Candlin, & Rajesh Sharma, Confidentiality and integrity in international commercial arbitration practice
• Winnie Ma, Recommendations on public policy in the enforcement of arbitral awards
• Erich Suter, The process from void to valid for agreements to mediate
• Zannis Mavrogordato & Gabriel Sidere, The nature and enforceability of ICSID provisional measures
• James Hargrove & Vanessa Liborio, Arbitration and insolvency: English and Swiss perspectives
• Doug Jones, Competence – Competence{/showhide}

Arbitration, Vol. 75, Number 2 (May 2009)

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• Raghar Sharma, Sanctity of foreign awards: recent developments in India
• Jane Wessel & Peter Eyre, US discovery in aid of foreign or international proceedings: recent developments relating to Title 28 US Code Section 1782
• Michael Davison & Nowak Lucja, International arbitration: how can it deliver on its promise?
• Lord Woolf, Mediation in arbitration in the pursuit of justice
• Anthony Evans, Forget ADR! Think A or D
• Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel, Past, present and future perspectives of arbitration
• Doug Jones, Dealing with a multi-tiered dispute resolution process
• Richard Kreindler, Arbitrating with different legal traditions: civil law
• Dato Cecil Abraham, Arbitration of investment disputes: a Malaysian perspective
• Mohamed Ismail Mohamed Shariff, Specific issues in Islamic dispute resolution
• Mark Hoyle, Specific issues in Islamic dispute resolution
• Rashda Rana, Is adjudication killing arbitration?
• Bruce Harris, Maritime disputes: now and in the future
• John Tackaberry, Adjudication and arbitration: the when and why in construction disputes
• Andrew Berkeley, The changing political environment for investment agreements
• Don McKinnon, Can good offices assist in relation to resource nationalism?
• Thomas Mensah, The potential role of good offices
• David Branson, Do established international dispute resolution bodies have a role?
• Johan Gernandt, Resolving disputes between resource-rich and consuming countries{/showhide}